Primary Session
All Year Montessori
Presenter: Michele Aspinall

August 4, 5 2018


One of the most important aspects of the All Year (All Day) Montessori classroom is that a sense of community is fostered both within the class and with the parents. This workshop will focus on ideas, practices, and events that contribute to a strong sense of shared purpose among the members of the All Year Community. Whether you are conducting a traditional class that takes younger children in the afternoons, a class with extended hours beyond the traditional class day hours, or a class that is in session all year round you will find invaluable information in this workshop. Even if you conduct a traditional Montessori primary class with extended day, the need for community is critical. Although this session will address many topics specific to All Year Montessori, there is plenty to take home for any primary teacher.

The initial part of the workshop will cover the daily schedule and routine of the All Year Montessori class at Countryside Montessori School. The remainder of the day will consist of exploring ideas, practices, and events that help to nurture a sense of community and is appropriate for all primary teachers. Some of the areas explored will include:

  • Preparation, beautification of, and upkeep of the environment (with the children)
  • The community meal(s)
  • Baking and snack
  • Nurturing leadership in the older children
  • Welcoming visitors
  • Parent communication including conferences
  • informal communications
  • email
  • digital pictures
  • Observation in the class
  • Family social events
  • Parent Education meetings including the use of classroom video
  • Message board