Ask a Mentor

wendyOnce the Montessori training is completed, the steep learning curve of real classroom instruction begins. This is a critical time in the life of the teacher. The best source of learning at that point is mentorship. This service can’t replace the benefit of a class visit by a mentor, but many questions can be answered.

This Weekly On-Line Q and A session is designed to give teachers direct and consistent access to experienced practitioners.

Participants log on to website and submit questions. Questions are selected by the teacher/moderator. Questions and answers are posted for all to read in real time with some allowance for follow-up questions as well. Edited transcripts are available in archives on the resources page.

Ask a Mentor is offered for the following programs: Toddler Community, Primary, and Elementary.

Some Practical Guidelines to Consider when Joining Ask a Mentor

  • Each chat room is limited to 25 users per session.
  • Chat rooms are open at all times. You can log on to submit a question at your convenience. Questions will be answered during the live session and published in transcripts over the following weekend.
  • All sessions are moderated by experienced practitioners with AMI training.
  • Once questions are submitted, they will remain in a queue until the moderator posts them to the board.
  • Follow-up questions can be submitted but must be sent quickly so that the moderator does not move on to another question.
  • Only questions related to the class level designated by room will be answered.
  • Levels being served are Infant Community, Primary, and Elementary.
  • Schedule can be found on the Ask a Mentor page at
  • Live chat sessions are scheduled for Central Standard Time(CDT).
    Click here to check what time it is in Chicago, IL (CDT).

**Click here to download guided instructions on how to get started with Ask a Mentor: InstructionsAskMentor.pdf