billA former college physics instructor; researcher in cognitive science; and developer of curricula for Biological Sciences Curriculum Study, the US Space Foundation, and the Wild Goose Company. Bill Robertson is the author of NSTA’s award-winning book series, Stop Faking It! Finally Understanding Science So You Can Teach It. He reviews and edits science materials, takes on various writing projects, and performs teacher workshops across the country. He also writes a monthly column, Science 101, for the magazine Science and Children.

Bill’s main focus in his professional life has been on the difference between understanding science and math and memorizing them. Through his own research and the work of others, he has come to realize that there are measurable differences in performance based on how one approaches the subject matter. Those who understand can address a wide variety of situations and concepts, while those who memorize are limited. Suffice to say that Bill’s workshops focus on understanding. That means using hands-on activities as a prelude to the presentation of concepts, and not rushing through the material for the sake of coverage. And lame jokes can’t hurt.

Bill earned a BA in physics from Occidental College, an MS in physics from the University of Illinois and a PhD in science education from the University of Colorado. Bill works at home in the mountain town of Woodland Park, Colorado, with one child in high school and another in college, plus two very large dogs who shed quite a bit. His wife holds down a real job and is respected in the community. She’s a judge. Bill knows many of the local grocery store cashiers, but is unsure of their respect.

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