Summer Institute

Do attendees have to be AMI trained?
No. Although the Montessori presenters are all AMI trained practitioners, those that attend the workshops need not be. All MTIPS services are available to any who choose to take advantage of them.

Is MTIPS a Montessori Training Center?
No. The Institute does not prepare untrained teachers to conduct a Montessori class, nor do we issue teaching certificates. MTIPS is an organization designed to assist those already trained, or affiliated with a Montessori school in another capacity, to add to their body of knowledge.

Are there any conditions about which or how many workshops to attend at the Summer Institute?
No. You can choose to attend as few as one or as many as all of the workshops. Daily fees are discounted proportionally with increased attendance.

Is the Institute for experienced or new teachers?
The Summer Institute is designed to address the struggles facing teachers after they have begun teaching.

Are questions entertained from the participants?
Yes. One of the benefits of small group workshops is that the presenter has the luxury of stopping to answer questions. There is also time each day to speak with presenters individually.

What is the setting of the Summer Institute?
Workshops are held at the Host Site, Countryside Montessori School in Northbrook, IL.

Are meals included in the workshop cost?
Yes. A continental breakfast and lunch are provided.

Is any transportation provided?
A shuttle from and to the Sheraton is provided at the beginning and end of each day. There is no transportation provided from the airport.

Can either Chicago airport be used?
O’Hare is about 15 minutes away while Midway is almost one hour. Although flights are often less expensive into Midway, the cost of ground transportation usually negates the savings on the flight.

On Site Professional Development

What is the benefit of On Site Professional Development compared to attendance at the Institute?
Having a mentor come to your school to observe the particulars of your environment, classrooms, children, teachers, and community allows for efforts to be concentrated on the specifics unique to your circumstances.

How does On Site Professional Development work?
A representative of a school contacts MTIPS director, Wendy Calise. A brief discussion ensues during which they determine together what kind of plan will best meet the needs of the school. A proposal is constructed with final costs. School then chooses whether to initiate the plan.

Can schools join together to defray some of the costs of On Site Professional Development?
Yes. This can be achieved in two ways: the cost of a workshop of interest, art for example, can be shared between several schools in the same area; or two or more schools can arrange for program evaluations during the same period, therefore sharing the cost of travel and lodging.

Ask a Mentor

Is there a fee for the use of the Ask a Mentor service?
No. This service is complimentary.

Does every participant have to post or can one just read?
Participants can post or read.

Are there specific subjects chosen for each session?
No. This service is designed to allow teachers to pose any questions that they have and receive the thoughts and advice of an experienced practitioner. All moderators are AMI trained at the level for which they answer questions.