Krista Delaney

Krista DelaneyKrista is a Montessori lifer. She began her thirtieth year at Countryside Montessori School this fall. Her first role so many years ago was as an assistant in the Physical Education Program, a position which she held for four years. Over the course of the following years Krista assisted at all levels in the school, from toddler to elementary. Her next step was to assume responsibility for the Primary Physical Education Program which she taught for five years. She then moved back into the classroom at the primary level as an assistant. She held this position for three years.

Krista then took a short break, if you could call it that, and had her first child. In order to create an environment in which she could bring her baby along with her, she moved into food service for the next two years. This allowed her to continue to serve the school as well as care for not only her own, but other staff children as she cooked lunch for those children participating in the Hot Lunch Program.

As the staff infant population grew too large to contain them in the previous environment, Countryside undertook the creation of a nido for the staff infants, which would be directed by Krista. Shortly after making this commitment, Krista was offered the opportunity to take the Assistants to Infancy training, and leaving a 22 month old and an 8 month old behind, in the capable hands of her husband, she loaded up her car and headed out to Denver to take the training.

Krista completed the Toddler Training in 2001 and taught a toddler class for five years. Following this position, Krista helped fill a need at Countryside and moved back into the position of leading the Primary Physical Education Program, where she has been for five years and remains today. In addition to her responsibilities in the gym, Krista has also mentored the incoming toddler teachers for four years, and she has conducted a Parent Infant class for nine years. Finally, over the course of her years at Countryside, Krista has worked in admissions, administration, and even taught swimming. Her vast and lengthy experience allows her to give practical advice to a full range of questions and problems.