aymThe Summer Institute is an annual event featuring a series of workshops offered at Countryside Montessori School in Northbrook, IL. The Institute offers a variety of workshops for experienced teachers. The venues are small, 45 people, in order to afford time for people to ask and have questions answered by the presenters. The Summer Institute also provides time for attendees to consult with one another and exchange ideas. Because the Institute is offered at a Montessori school, there is an opportunity to explore environments created by the CMS teachers.

Workshops that are offered at the Summer Institute are of two types: one is given by Montessori practitioners who have some expertise to offer the community, the other is intended to increase knowledge in a particular subject area and is given by professionals in that field. All presentations are consistent with and faithful to Montessori theory but are decidedly practical in nature. Attendees can expect to leave the courses they choose with concrete, clear ideas and plans that can be readily implemented.