On-Site Professional Development

A commitment to professional development is a critical, consistent component of any educational institution of superior quality. There is no more effective means for professional and institutional development than competent consultation. Problems that can take years to solve or worse yet go unrecognized can often be improved and even resolved with the fresh perspective of a competent advisor.

In the Montessori community, however, the availability of consultants to help schools and teachers improve the practice of Montessori are not easily found. The MTIPS consultation staff meets this need. All MTIPS consultants for educational direction are AMI diploma holders with teaching experience at the levels for which they advise.

Consultations can be combined in a number of configurations depending on the specific needs of a school. Although visits can be scheduled for any length of time and number of visits, in order for a school to integrate significant change, a minimum of two visits in a given school year are necessary for successful implementation. Organizational change requires not only the presentation of new ideas but also follow up support to the individuals endeavoring to improve their professional practice. Fees have been structured to encourage this level of commitment.

From our experience consulting and giving presentations at the Summer Institute, it has become clear that there are common challenges that most teachers and schools face regardless of geographic region or experience. In order to address these challenges we have established the Making It All Work seminar.