On-Site Professional Development: Programs

Class Consultations

A consultant will observe each of the classes in a school followed by individual teacher meetings, a wider staff meeting, and a meeting with the administrative team to discuss strengths and make recommendations. An additional follow-up visit for support and questions is also scheduled.


A consultant will travel to your school and present seminars addressing any of the subjects referred to on the overview and staff pages (music, art, literature, physical education, parent communication etc…). An additional follow-up visit for support and questions is also scheduled.

Consultation and Seminar Combination

Schools may also want to consider a combination of class consultations and seminars to address particular needs. These combinations are also structured with a follow-up day for support and questions later in the year.

Making It All Work

Four-day consultation that addresses classroom management, parent communication, and character development in the classroom. This program begins with three days of presentations and discussion of these topics with a fourth day scheduled later in the year for support and questions. The same consultant will conduct both parts of this program offering participants crucial continuity of information and advice. Attendance at these sessions will help teachers and schools move from survive to thrive. Little can be accomplished without sufficient skills in each of these three domains.

Phone Consultation

While we are always available for an initial conversation at no cost to advise schools at their request, oftentimes teachers and members of an administrative team are looking for more extensive help. If the issue is something that can be resolved without an on-site visit, this may be a more economical solution.

Presentation for Parents

Presentation for parent education on topic of choice. Presentation one hour, Q and A an additional thirty minutes.


Learning in the realm of professional development requires support, repetition, and consistency. Fees have been structured to encourage this level of commitment.

Fee Structures (for consultation within the US)*

Class Consultations, Seminars, or Combination of Both
Initial visit number of days TBD, with follow up visit later in the year or following year. This discounted fee is also applied to schools that have sent staff to the Summer Institute. $1200/day

Consultations Involving a Single Visit to a School

Making It All Work (4 days)
Initial three-day consultation addressing class management, character development, and parent communication with follow up visit later in the year or the following year. $4800

Phone Consultation
$150 per hour for up to four hours.

Parent Presentation
$250 for local schools. $1200 for presentations that involve overnight travel.

*Fees for consultations outside of the US are established on an individual case basis.

Consultation Content

  • Classroom Consultations at IC, Primary, and Elementary Levels
  • Teacher Mentoring (IC, Primary, and Elementary Levels)
  • Classroom Management (IC, Primary, and Elementary Levels)
  • Art (Primary Level)
  • Science (Primary Level)
  • Language (Primary Level)
  • Sensorial Extensions (Primary Level)
  • Assistant Training (IC, Primary, and Elementary Levels)
  • Presentations for Parents (IC, Primary, and Elementary Levels)
  • All Year Montessori
  • Parent Communication (IC, Primary, and Elementary Levels)
  • Character Development (Primary and Elementary Levels)
  • Literature (elementary level)
  • Writing (elementary level)
  • Development of parent infant class
  • Physical education program (IC, Primary, and Elementary Levels)
  • All areas related to the successful management of a not-for-profit independent Montessori school