The MTIPS Experience

MTIPS Conferences

In addition to offering online mentoring and on-site professional development, MTIPS has two major
professional development events each year: Winter Workshop and Summer Institute.

But these conferences are unlikely to be like any Montessori conference you have attended in the past.

We think that a professional development experience should do far more
than just give you new information or a review of previous information.

What else do we think it should do?

• Make sure you are appreciated for the hard work that you do on behalf of children and families.


So every morning, we provide a fresh breakfast. (Yes, that is a ham)


And lunch every day. We believe that if you commit your personal time to become a better practitioner,
it should at least fell a little bit like you are on vacation. : )


Did I mention ice cream for afternoon break every day? That’s how we roll!

• Offer an opportunity for you to feel a part of a community


Because breakfast and lunch are provided by MTIPS,
everyone stays on campus which gives you opportunities to talk with presenters,
catch up with old friends, and definitely make some new ones.

• Tailor the experience to meet your particular needs


Sessions are limited to 45 participants in order to allow
you to get specific help for your challenges,
to ask questions and have them answered.

• Allow you to see classroom environments that will give you ideas and fill you with inspiration

Because MTIPS is hosted by Countryside Montessori School, you will also get to visit classrooms and take pictures.
The faculty at CMS have dedicated themselves to creating exquisite environments for the children.
They are unlike any you may have seen before.

MS Ineterior

Countryside’s Middle School Community Room


Countryside’s 6 -12 Elementary Class.

• Show you teacher-made materials

337 This exercise is from the All Year Montessori class for serving visitors.

• Vary the means by which content is delivered so that the conference does not become tiring

340 We have used live demonstrations where children have actually come in to do the work.

339 We have sets of materials for attendees to use when this is optimal for learning.

338 One year, we even had a live parent group come in for a parenting class demonstration.

• Expose you to professionals who understand the challenges teachers and schools
face as they implement Montessori in the 21st century

343 Some MTIPS presenters:
Sanford Jones – Former Director of AMI/USA, veteran AMI trained Montessori Primary and Elementary teacher,
composer and director of children’s operas
Krista Delaney – Former AMI trained IC teacher, Ask A Mentor Moderator, Physical Ed Director
Wendy Calise – Founder MTIPS, Former AMI Primary and Elementary Teacher, Head of School
Kim Anderson – AMI Trained Elementary teacher
Guy Calise – Former AMI trained Elementary Teacher, NAMTA/AMI oriented director/teacher of Adolescent Program

• Insist that the presenters have a sense of humility

344 MTIPS presenter, Carol Alver – former AMI primary teacher and consultant – is not afraid
to get down on the floor while working with MTIPS attendees on making language work in the classroom enticing.

342 These are just some of the reasons that people traverse the earth to attend MTIPS events.
Over the years teachers and heads of school have come from
Canada, Nigeria, Russia, England, Austria, and New Zealand.