Toddler Community
The Most Harmonious Class in the School

Presenter: Jennifer Robinson

August 7, 2018

Jennifer Robinson, a member of Countryside Montessori School’s Faculty, will share her observations about Independence in young children: what it can really look like, why it is so important, and how to create environments (human and physical) to foster it. A prepared environment is the first step to independence in a young child, but it doesn’t end there!

We will discuss the following as they each relate to independent children:

  • How independent 16m-3yr old workers and thinkers, use a Montessori environment.
  • Why independence from such a young age is so important.
  • Parent communication…how to help them see what we see!
  • Classroom management.

Young children are capable of so much more than we often give them credit for. This workshop will give you ideas on how to best challenge, inspire and support the young children in your care.

We will end our time together by baking a delicious snack that young children can make with very little assistance from an adult.

“The child seeks for independence by means of work; an independence of body and mind.” – Dr. Maria Montessori