Welcome Fellow Montessori Educators,

What an incredible time we are living in! Technology has revolutionized the ways in which we can communicate creating an unprecedented opportunity for us to strengthen our ties as a community with a shared goal. One of the most important aspects of this opportunity is the chance to share knowledge and expertise with one another.

Through my contact with other teachers in the Montessori community I have come to realize that my teaching experience has been somewhat unique and incredibly fortunate. I have had the benefit of consistent and sustained advice and input from seasoned mentors in our field. Truth is, I often learned more from my mentors after a morning’s visit than I did from years of previous teaching. But I know that there are many schools and even more teachers in our Montessori community who have not been the beneficiaries of sound and sage educational advisors the way that I have.

The Montessori Teachers Institute for Professional Studies is an effort to reach out and bridge this gap. As you navigate the website, you will find various means to have access to resources that might otherwise have been difficult to find. I hope you take advantage of some of what is offered here. The opportunity to build on the work of those who have come before us is a constant refrain in our work with the elementary children. Why shouldn’t this be true for us as well?


Wendy Calise, Director
Montessori Teachers Institute for Professional Studies