ALL LEVELS: Administrators, Faculty, Staff
Who’s Going to Tell the Parents?
Presenters: Guy Calise Wendy Calise

August 3, 2018

Keep Our Eyes on The Adults We Hope The Students Will Become
This is the message that we need to gain the partnership of parents in working on.

Join Guy and Wendy Calise as they share the experiences they have had in more than twenty-five years of teaching and working with children and parents. What has changed? What remains the same? How have the intersection of cheap goods and services, technology, and the massive proliferation of parenting approaches impacted teaching Montessori? Have the needs of parents changed? Can we meet these needs? Should we?

Some of the topics we will consider are:

Mission and partnership
School culture
Faculty culture
Honest communication
Consistency of messaging
Use of social media
Outside resources
Staff training and development
Personal development and the transformation of the adult
Conferences as a vehicle for parent education
Social gatherings: who is in charge of the children?
Setting expectations early: the admissions process and online presence
Formal parent education/information meetings